The Obama administration’s policy on Syria has me confused.

Confused and disappointed.

Quite some time ago, the President declared that his administration, and the American people, would take decisive action against the government of Syrian president Bashar al Assad if and when the Syrians “crossed the Red Line.” This “Red Line” for President Obama was the use of chemical weapons.

If Assad used chemical weapons on his own people — specifically sarin nerve gas — he would be crossing a Red Line in the Syrian conflict that has been going on for well over a year.

Wow! Good news for the Syrian people. The Americans have declared a “Red Line.”

Actually ... not so great news.

Since the day Obama announced his Red Line policy, thousands and thousands of Syrians have been killed anyway - just not by sarin gas.

In fact, since the beginning of the Syrian people’s revolt against one of the worst despots in the Arab world, tens of thousands have died - but no Red Line was crossed.

I don’t understand it, (and more important to this discussion, I’m sure the Syrian people don’t understand.)

Why is it the approximately 100,000 people killed by Assad’s army and his attendant henchmen ARE NOT a Red Line, but the use of chemical weapons IS the Red Line?

Are we left to we assume the U.S. would do nothing to stop the mass murder of innocent civilians if Assad had simply not used sarin gas.

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, Bashar al Assad comes by his cruelty honestly.

His father, Hafez, and uncle, Rifaat, obliterated virtually the entire city of Hama back in 1982. The U.N. Human Rights commission reports over 40,000 were killed in this one community in what was largely an operation spurred sectarian violence.

And, the world was functionly silent — including the U.S.

Hafez al Assad killed thousands and tens of thousands of his own people.

His son, Bashar, seems intent on outdoing his daddy, and with 90,000-100,000 dead already chalked up to his credit, the Americans are just now thinking he might have cross some imaginary Red Line.

Thousands of children have been killed.

UNICEF figures point to shifting numbers, but apparently well over 6,000 children have been killed.

Children have been shot and killed by bombs. They also have been hacked to death with axes, machetes, and knives. The Syrian Army actually saves ammo by killing children with knives.

BUT ... not to worry. No sarin gas was used.

No Red Lines were crossed.

Children have been imprisoned and tortured - forced to kill each other, and used as executioners while Assad’s forces stood aside and enjoyed the show.

Women in Syria are being raped and tortured - more often than not sexually tortured.

BUT ... not to worry. No Red Lines were crossed.

The Syrian Army, the Mukhabarat, (Assad’s intelligence service), the Hizbolla sweeping into the country to support the regime, and others have been rampaging, continue to rampage, and will go on rampaging with impunity because the world sits back - including the U.S. - and waits for more evidence that some fictional Red Line has been crossed.

How will the American government ever, ever explain to the families of the first thousand killed by Assad, that their loved ones were not a Red Line?

How will President Obama explain that the first ten or 20 thousand civilian deaths were not a Red Line?

How is 100,000 dead not a Red Line?

But the use of gas is?

A dozen people killed by sarin gas constitutes a Red Line, but 100,000 raped, tortured, and murdered does not?

I simply don’t understand.

And then the response is more discussion???

The women and children hacked to death in Houla need more discussion?

Tommy Vietor, the U.S. National Security Council spokesman came out demonstratively saying the Obama administration was “horrified by credible reports ...including stabbing and ax attacks on women and children.”

Ooooooooo ... "horrified." Tough language.

Ummmm ... not really.

The killing continued, and continues.

And the U.S. considers — only considers — No Fly Zones.

What a bunch of silliness.

The U.S. could ground the entire Syrian airforce in one night simply be destroying the runways.

It’s not rocket science. Oh ... actually it is.

Surface to surface smart missiles punching holes the size of school buses in Syrian runways without one U.S. soldier setting foot on the ground.

No more air force. No more bombing. No Syrian government air support.

But, hey. We have time to think about it all.

The Syrians, after all, just recently cross the Red Line.

Those other 100,000 women and children dead?

Um ... er ... quite a pity.