JIM CREES: Considering some 'liberal opinions'

OK. I’ll try to keep this simple since my opinion pieces, and my opinion pieces alone, seem to throw some of our readership into a fury.

One writer — me — seems to have the ability to skew the entire editorial policy of this newspaper to the far, Far, FAR left.

Just me!!!

Wow! That impresses even me!

Doesn’t matter that we run articles by conservative thinkers with the Mackinac Center, or Jack Spencer, or Charles Krauthammer, of Kathleen Parker, or anyone else.

I write one column a week, and the paper becomes the Mecosta County equivalent of Pravda.


Think I’m kidding?

Mr. HR out in Barryton writes:

“I am so sick and tired of seeing you slam the Republican party its (sic) enough to make me puke. I wouldn’t take your paper if it was free.”

Mr. RR in Canadian Lakes writes:

“We are fed up with your liberal slant.”

TR in Paris says:

“ ...we found your paper to be tedious and ignorant with all the left leaning slant on everything from your editorials to simple news reporting.”

Just a few words in response ...

To Mr. HR — If you wouldn’t take the paper if it was free, then how is it still making you puke?

For the love of Pete! Stop reading the paper if it is making you ill. I don’t want to be responsible for your physical decline. I’m sure you have kids and grandkids who love you, so STOP READING THE PAPER if it is so disturbing to your digestive tract.

To Mr. RR — I’ve already addressed the “Liberal slant” critique of this paper. I simply won’t waste any more space on that silliness.

And to TR in Paris — “tedious”and “ignorant”???


So why are we “tedious and ignorant”? Because we don’t always agree with you?

On top of that, how the heck can we slap some liberal slant on local news reporting?

We cover local events, happenings, politics, and education. It’s serious stuff to us, and I believe the staff covers things very carefully, and with exacting detail.

How one of them could put a “liberal slant” on a township board meeting, or school board session is beyond me.

BUT ...

I’m not here to defend or detract from this newspaper.

I’m here to write a column, a column that apparently throws readers into paroxysms of political pain.

So allow me to do so.

Allow me to make a few random and rambling points that some folks in the GOP would like you to forget, and many of my angry readers would like us all to ignore.

For all you folks who think President Barack Obama is the worst thing since the invention of Facebook, let me just offer a reminder of the not too distant past.

  • When George Bush left office, the work force in the United States was losing 750,000 jobs each month. I’m not making it up. I’m just saying ...
  • The TARP program (Troubled Asset Relief Program) was NOT started by Barack Obama. It was initiated and inaugurated by George Bush to save the banks and financial institutions that were “Too big to let die.”
  • The Iraq War cost a good sight over $800 billion and is still draining the U.S. economy. It is a war initiated by George Bush and his merry band of neo-cons. But ...
  • Neither Iraq nor any individual Iraqi is guilty of the attack on the World Trade Center buildings, the Pentagon, or any place else in these United States.
  • Barack Obama won the 2012 presidential election despite years of discussion about the Affordable Care Act, (Obamacare). Despite what some may have you believe, this is not some new healthcare plan. It has been under discussion for years, and the guy who encouraged the act’s implementation still won election even though everybody know what was coming down the pike. No secrets!
  • Back in the early 1990s a version of universal healthcare much more “liberal” than Obamacare was promoted by the Heritage Foundation — the ultimate conservative think-tank and policy forum. A group of GOP legislators actually promoted this much more extensive healthcare bill in 1994.
  • The Affordable Care Act was made the law of the land in March, 2010 - that’s more than three years ago. It isn’t something that just popped inot the news last week. The Supreme Court of the United States declared major portions of the act as fully Constitutional in June, 2012.

Hey. I’m not offering a liberal opinion ... I’m just saying!