JIM CREES: And the looniness continues ...

recently got a reader all fired up by suggesting Hillary Clinton wasn’t really a liberal. Whether Sen. Clinton is a liberal or not wasn’t the point of the column at all. I was actually writing about loony politicians including one out in Montana who had called Clinton “the Anti-Christ.”

Oh well.

Since the reader started his email out suggesting I “... was absolutely the most left wing editor I’ve ever read.” I suppose he thought I meant Ms. Clinton wasn’t enough of a liberal FOR ME. Not so. I simply think she is a bit of a “convenience liberal” — liberal when it suits her purpose. Same with President Obama.

Despite the fact that sooooooooooo many people think he is the poster child for liberalism, I believe a careful examination of his TOTAL record would not bear that claim out.

If, however, you only measure his liberalism solely on the basis of the Affordable Care Act, that’s a different thing altogether. But you simply cannot, or should not do such an accounting.

He certainly has been a disappointment not only to Your’s Truly, but to a lot of people who held out high hopes for an enlightened Obama administration.

Still, I am more often than not astonished at the degree and level of hyper-silliness and pure shineola the fringe right wingers sling at Obama and his administration. And Lord knows, there are some real kooks out there.

Take for example one Rev. Austin Miles: Rev. Miles is infamous for tossing fuel on the “Obama wasn’t born in this country” fire by sagely pointing out that the president hasn’t been able to prove he had a girlfriend previous to Michelle.

No girlfriends! No former girlfriends have stepped forward to say what a charmer Obama was while they were going together ... or not!

No girlfriends have surfaced in these United States which apparently PROVES beyond a shadow of a doubt the president was born in Kenya, or Nigeria, or ... somewhere. Not here. No girlfriends.

Think about it!

Then, more recently, the good reverend issued a dire warning to the people of this great nation.

Obama, he said, was planning to start a race war by canceling the 2016 elections. And as if that isn’t enough, the president was going to not only cancel the elections, but also to “... use Executive Privilege to declare himself President for Life.”

Holy moly!!! Spread the word in vale and from hilltop!!!

The Kenyans are coming! The Kenyans are coming!

Yep. Obama’s Commie, Marxist supporters are all set to “... turn America into a Marxist Socialist Nation controlled by Communist Czar” and had already begun the nefarious plot by stoking the fires of racism to create “a new civil war” and “a national race riot.”

Obama and his pinko masters plan to generate a national crisis and use it as an excuse to cancel the next presidential elections.

What I find sad isn’t simply that some crazy pastor formulated this conspiracy clap, but also that thousands and thousands of Americans actually believe him and have thrown themselves into a panic — even though throughout such national crises as the Civil War, World Wars I and II, the Korean War and the Vietnam conflict there has never, ever, EVER been the cancellation of an election.

And, by the way, this is not the goofiest stuff the good reverend has ever offered his followers and admirers.

In the not too distant past he suggested Obama’s “... main goal is to promote sexual immorality by ordering the Rainbow Flag to fly over U.S. Embassies around the world, and had the Fire Department in a major city march in a Gay Pride Day parade, in uniform.” (I won’t bother explaining why that is simply ridiculous, but folks just drink it up!)

“He has released open homosexuals, cross dressers and transsexuals into army barracks which has created numerous problems ...”


“He has declared the name of Jesus Christ illegal ...”


And then ...

“Obama still wears his ring with the inscription inside, “There is no God but Allah,” which all Muslims wear to show their allegiance to Islam.”


And more ...

“... it was quietly revealed that Obama was indeed “gay,” with solid documentation showing where, when and with whom. This was immediately squashed so the public would not know.”

And finally ...

The reverend writes “I believe that Obama is the expected Anti-Christ ...”

Hey!!! Hold on a second!!! That’s going too far!

I thought Hillary was the “Anti-Christ!!!”

This guy is loonier than Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson put together, but ... he is quoted by politicians and right leaning folks around the country pretty regularly.

Oh well.