It's simple. Let your 'Yes' mean 'Yes.'

President Donald Trump considers me an “enemy.”

Much worse actually. The president believes I am “disgusting and corrupt.”

In Trump’s view, I (as part of the media cabal) am “disgusting,” “the crooked media,” “the disgusting and corrupt media,” and, not unlike the “failing New York Times” I am probably “going to hell.”

That’s OK. Really.

Pres. Trump has declared the press the most dishonest people on the planet... and all for misreporting him (read: quoting him exactly.)

Unfortunately, rather than applying himself to better learning and understanding the art of governance, Trump and his team are still wasting valuable time whining about how mean the press is and suggesting a more judicious use of “alternative facts.”

Alternative facts!!!!


It appears presidential privilege now includes understanding The Truth by an odd and completely different standard than ever before.

Despite, however, the best efforts of the new president’s inner circle to create a new truth, there is a greater scale by which The Truth can be weighed.

“But I say unto you, Swear not at all... But let your communication be, Yea, yea; Nay, nay: for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil.” Matt. 5:34-37

Sadly, Pres. Trump has apparently never needed to worry about having his “communication be, Yea, yea; Nay, nay.” His idea of the truth is simply whatever he says, even though he literally says one thing one minute, and delivers another version the next.

For example, the president’s multiple and acidic attacks on the intelligence community have been transformed miraculously into, “I never said that.” It’s all the “corrupt media.”

Trump mouthpiece Kellyanne Conway asked plaintively why members of the press actually report on what Trump says and does? Why can the media not understand his spirit?

The media, Conway suggested simply fails to “See into his heart.” Not too long ago, I wrote the following: "I grew up surrounded by truth speakers and promise keepers.

“I grew up in an environment in which personal integrity was important, where decency was emphasized, where lying was a major sin, where honesty was all encompassing, and in which business practices were reflective of the values encouraged in church and at home.

“My father, my pastor, my Sunday School teacher, most of the people I worked for as a young person and the many friends of my family spoke truth.

“It may sound weird, but I can’t recall ever being lied to by any of these people. I can’t recall ever being deceived or disappointed by them in word or deed.”

As a result of the environment in which I grew up and matured, and as a result of the standard to which I hold myself, I find myself devastatingly disappointed in much of what is happening in our country today - especially with regard to the complete acceptance of the fudging of the truth by the now leader of this country as normal.

What has happened?

I simply don’t know.

There seems to have been a gradual - yet far too speedy - erosion of those values which once made this country “a light unto the nations.”

National leaders, including our president, manipulate issues and daily realities in order to create a new reality and “alternative facts” while they themselves are stained by the brush of dishonesty and graft.

All because those who have mismanaged their personal rise to power are not truth sayers or promise keepers.

They have turned their backs on integrity and claim their right to not tell anything at all, let alone the truth.

Even when forced to come clean with regard to their shortcomings and silliness they can’t let their “. . . communication be Yea, yea; Nay, nay. . .”

We’re in trouble when our leaders surround themselves with advisers and counselors who are stained with a past of shady dealings and personal aggrandizement at the expense of thousands who now find themselves in desperate straits.

Still, the Trump team simply doesn’t understand why the media doesn’t simply parrot the new president and trot out the “Make America Great Again” chorus.

C’mon!!! The media shouldn’t be reporting on anything actually wrong with this country, they say. It’s the media promoting doom-and-gloom even though the media is generally just repeating the actual facts (not the alternative facts).

The media needs to focus more and report on the new level of greatness waiting just over the horizon.

In less than a week we have become the bestest, biggliest, most best greatest country in the world once again governed by the smartest, bestest, most exceptional, tremendous and most intelligent people in the history of this nation...nay...mankind.

That wasn’t reported on. The media doesn’t talk about our new bestliness.

It’s the media’s fault.

They don’t report that everything, according to the White House, is rosy (and not O’Donnell!)

The biggest and best rosiness.