Is Trump preparing his “end game?”

Even though Donald Trump is actually leading in some polls (by a point or two) a lot of folks are wondering what is the purpose of his campaign at this point. Trump seems to already be preparing and playing to his end game.

Now, there are a lot of people in the media (especially the 24-hour news cycle teams) who are coming up with all sort of Trump plans which he may or may not actually be planning.

I have a friend who is absolutely convinced Trump’s plan is to help Hillary Clinton get elected. He is 100 percent sure the entire Trump program is designed to help make sure Hillary gets into power since they were buddies from way back.

When Clinton is in the White House, Trump will fade away.

I asked my buddy why, if this plan is so obvious, no one else in the Republican Party knows about it?

He claims they do know, but have simply written off this election as a loss.

I don’t think this is even close to reality, but I do know the Trump candidacy has spawned, either directly or indirectly, a stunning collection of conspiracy theories - many promulgated by Trump himself.

“They’re gonna cheat...” type of stuff.

What is weird (at least to me) is the effort Trump seems to making to explain his loss in the election while still being a couple months away from the voting. Trump has been pointing to all and sundry as being at fault for his loss in November... which is still a couple months away.

Trump pretty regularly bites the hand that feeds him and blames the Republican National Committee for all his woes.

In a recent New York Times article it is pointed out that people close to Trump and members of his own family believe the RNC “... might not be giving Mr. Trump all the support he was due.”

Trump’s flip-flopping on a confusing and incredibly unclear stand on immigration (legal, illegal or otherwise) recently had the RNC board members, including chair Reince Priebus, scratching their collective heads and wondering how to fix (or at least clarify) the mess.

Trump had indicated some minor change in policy and had even flown to Mexico to chat with the Mexican president. On his return he lost his mind while discussing his mythological Mexican criminals and then suggested Hillary Clinton should be deported with her Hispanic supporters.

The RNC team simply shut up. Where they had defended and supported Trump (albeit uncomfortably) in the past, Priebus and his team didn’t say a thing.

Trump creates an atmosphere and an environment in which it is difficult for any logical, clear-thinking person to actually support him, then he whines about no one being willing to support him.

Now he’s really upset that two more Republican senators Jeff Flake (Arizona) and Ben Sasse (Nebraska) have said they simply cannot, in good conscience, endorse or support Donald Trump.

It’s clear to see the one thing that will happen if Trump loses is he will blame the GOP and let loose his disgruntled supporters on that party to revenge his honor.

That will destroy the party.

Trump’s talk and strategy is a recipe for ruining the Republican Party - whether he wins or loses. At this point he is far more comfortable dealing with the people who gave him primary wins, then working with the folks who might provide him with a general election win (and they are certainly not the same group of people!)

Trump has managed to paint the political establishment in this country as the source of all ill for the American system - even though he is where he is today exactly because of that same system.

Now, at the top of the GOP in the general election campaign season, he seems to be preparing himself and those around him for the possibility of losing.

He has alienated just about everyone, but it is all their fault he is losing.

So the conspiracy theories thrive.

For example, Trump never planned to win at all. Rather, he plans to build a new media empire after the election based on the notoriety he’s earned this past year.

And more... and more... and more...

And then, there still is a chance he might win.

Now THAT is scary!