I stand amazed

When I was in Ecuador one of the missionaries told us of a time he took a contractor from Cuenca, Ecuador, to Florida. While there they went to the lumber yard. In the fenced-in area was a huge stack of cinder blocks, one on top of the other. The contractor stood there in awe of the sight. Why? In Ecuador, at that time at least, cinder blocks were very rough. You didn’t have nice smooth edges. It was simply amazing to him how cinder blocks could be so smooth and stacked so easily.

I’m not sure about you, but I don’t really become awestruck by a stack of cinder blocks. That’s probably because I’ve seen a lot of them and it doesn’t seem so amazing anymore. Smooth cinder blocks – they just come that way. But to someone who has never seen them, it is a wondrous thing to behold. Many things in life become mundane to us. We don’t realize how amazing various aspects of life are until we see children or people who are new to the culture discovering those things for the very first time. Turning on a light is amazing if you think about it. Electricity, something that can be very dangerous, is flowing through wires to get to your house. There it travels, somehow safely, via wiring all throughout the walls. Those wires are connected in just the right way so that when you throw the switch the light turns on. To you and I, because we do it all the time, this can seem mundane. Yet someone who has never witnessed this aspect of electricity will stand there throwing the switch on and off repeatedly because it is astonishing to them. When we think of the birth of Christ, many of us are no longer amazed. It is something we’ve heard year after year after year. It holds no wonder in our hearts and lives.  We simply state it as mundane a fact as a stack of cinder blocks; yet it is an awesome act of wonder. The God who created everything by speaking it into existence ... the God who put all the planets into place ... the God who can stir the waves or calm the seas ... the God who created us to be with Him and yet we turned away ... that God left all the glory of His throne and the worship of the angels to come down as a vulnerable infant and grow up in a world that would tear Him down, spit on Him, beat Him and murder Him. Jesus Christ, God in flesh, came down to die so that those who believe on Him would have all their crimes, guilt and sin wiped away for all eternity so they can stand before the God of all creation and worship Him.  That is amazing! If you have accepted Christ it is amazing He took you in.  If you have not, don’t just stand there being amazed; come to Christ, God Himself, today. As you look on that humble nativity scene this Christmas, remember who God is and be amazed at what He has done. “LORD, I have heard of Your fame; I stand in awe of Your deeds, O LORD.”
Habakkuk 3:1