Here we are.

It’s time to take a serious look over the past year.

About this time last year I penned a column in which I wrote “I’m going to make a few resolutions and announce them to the world.

It’s going to be very public. You can all hold me accountable to them.”

So ... it’s time to report and give an honest accounting.


At the start of 2011 I resolved:

“I’m going to drop a bunch of poundage.

I suppose I have to do so. During the recent Christmas holiday season I was recognized as Santa by quite a few youngsters — and not simply because of my beard! Anyway, I’m going to be a decidedly more svelte Santa next December. You’ll see.”

I then offered a prediction as to my success in fulfilling this resolution.

Resolution Prediction Grade — 8. (Eight being “With a little determination this will happen.”)

OK. I did drop a few pounds ... a good number of pounds. I DID. Not nearly “enough,” but some.

I’ve still got a ways to go. Especially following a “ticker” incident at the beginning of the year.

I’ve got a chunk of weight to lose yet.

But now I have a goal too. My family said I can buy a wood lathe if I lose my goal in weight (I’m not telling what the goal is!)

So ... I REALLY want a lathe.

Anyway, since I did lose some weight, but not enough so I’d grade my own success as a “5” on a scale of 1-to-10.


I wrote:

“I’m going to be less grumpy in my weekly pontifications.

“I’m simply not going to let our national, state, and local politicos get me as upset as they have been doing in the past ...”

“I’m going to keep my cool.

There’s going to be a lot more “Hearts and Flowers” in 2011, and a lot less “Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I implore you ...”

My prediction for success?

Resolution Prediction Grade — 2. (Two being — “Probably ain’t going to happen, but I’ll try to be sweet.”)

Well ... I was pretty accurate in my predication.

I’d like to be less grumpy in my writing, but “they” make me crazy, so ...

I suppose I need to resolve this again, and try a little harder this coming year.

Truth be known, I don’t necessarily enjoy being a grouch. I really would like to let my pen flow with more fun stuff.

So I renew this resolution with a prediction grade of “3” ‘cause I will try harder this year, (but in the middle of an election cycle this is gonna be tough.)


I wrote:

“I promise to not say anything about Sarah Palin potentially being the leader of the free world.”

Resolution Prediction Grade — 1. (“Ain’t gonna happen.”)

Well, that resolution didn’t work out, and my prediction for success was good.

Nevertheless, she really isn’t around any more (in any serious role), so I can drop that one.


I wrote:

“I promise to do everything I can to visit my new grandbaby as often as possible.

That’s an easy one ...”

Resolution Prediction Grade — 10+. ( “Done Deal”)

I have, indeed, done everything I can to see my Puppy, but I guess I never get enough of that so I’m going to renew that resolution — just for me!

(For all of you grandparents out there with kids and grandkids far from home — GET SKYPE!!! Get it today. Get it now! I see my grandson almost every day.

If I were more evangelical, I’d say “Skype is a real blessing.)


I wrote:

“I promise to balance any bad news I may need to print with good news as well. I already try to do that, but we’ll kick it up a notch.

“And, by the way, if you folks out there don’t give me reason to publish bad news, I will be more than happy not to spend too much time searching out the more unfortunate stories.

“So ... behave yourselves.”

Resolution Predication Grade — 10. (Done deal. I don’t enjoy having to write and publish news about the crappy things people do to themselves and each other.)

I simply kick this back on the list. We will keep trying.

That’s it. My review, and my renewal.

Now it’s time for you to review your past resolutions — even privately. Don’t fib.

And have a great, prosperous and productive New Year.