FINCH: State of the MOISD 2014

By Curt Finch

MOISD Superintendent

Jim Collins wrote one of the most successful business book series in the last decade including Good to Great, the centerpiece text of a study on why certain companies take off and others stay the same, even if they start out similar.

After translation into 35-plus languages, the ten-year-old book continues to resonate around the world, even today. Jim now spends much of this time traveling around the world relaying the foundational principles of the extensive Stanford Graduate School of Business study; one of those principles is accountability.

Organizations that go from “good to great” make a conscious effort to be accountable to their customer by finding the best employees who are self-motived, can monitor themselves, and seek to make the company great. The company must also make efforts to find the right spot for these employees to grow into their potential and convince others who do not fit to move along.

Jim Collins writes, “Letting the wrong people hang around is unfair to all the right people, as they inevitably find themselves compensating for the inadequacies of the wrong people. Worse, it can drive away the best people. Strong performers are intrinsically motivated by performance, and when they see their efforts impeded by carrying extra weight, they eventually become frustrated.”

Leadership is accountable to the company, the customer, and/or the taxpayer to provide that environment of success that will lead the company to greatness. The MOISD is moving towards greatness every day because of this commitment to quality people in the right spot delivering maximum customer service to our local districts and their students.

Every calendar year, the Mecosta Osceola Intermediate School District, an educational support organization for our six local school districts, publishes the State of the MOISD, to be accountable to you, our communities, and our local schools. This address shows the milestones from the past year and peeks into the future on where we are headed.

Feel free to stop by and view the 2014 version on our website, The current (and past years) can be found under the “About Us” tab, then click on the Superintendent’s page; on the right-hand side you will find what you are looking for – the State of the MOISD 2014.

There you can learn about our progress going from “Good to Great.”

Dr. Finch can be reached at and followed on Twitter CFinchMOISD