BRANDON FOUNTAIN: The long (and hopefully last) goodbye

The light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter in this darkness … I can almost see the end.

Soon, this election cycle will be over and all we’ll have left are the many memories we will be too embarrassed or proud of to tell our children or grandchildren about in the years to come.

Yes, the 2016 election for the highest office in this land has brought out the worst in some folks. We’ve seen the most mundane things get headlines, heard the most ludicrous reasoning from candidates and frankly, some of the things that have been said, have been the foulest, most insulting things ever uttered in public, and then replayed thousands of times.

Some people cheered.

Others wrinkled their noses.

I came close to losing my lunch a few times.

What are we thinking?

In two years, are we going to be prepared for when this happens all over again for the next presidential election? Who is going to actually want to take part in that charade?

There are some serious issues in this country – from immigration reform, deteriorating infrastructure, mounting debt, unfair trade deals – and these candidates would rather see which one can bash the other the best, who can say the most outrageous one-liners.

Are you serious?

This isn’t a comedy show. This is the future of America, and we’re going to be faced with that stark reality on Nov. 9.

Whoever wins, I just want it to be over.

I feel horrible even saying that, because I believe voting is not only a right, but also an honor and a privelege. But there’s nothing honorable about this presidential election. It’s embarrassing, and the longer it goes, the more I believe that if Washington really is broken, it’s our own fault.

We continue to elect folks who do not know the meaning of the word compromise.

We elect folks who do not play well with others. We elect folks for supporting one hotbed issue, rather than looking at how terrible the whole product really is.

We have to be better than this, but we won’t be. We can’t even come to some agreement to the most basic things.

All I know is, even after the election, we will be no better off than what we are now.

Until we start focusing on important issues instead of ludicrous assumptions and rhetoric, then we’re going to remain broken.