Some years ago now, my wife made me a scrapbook for Christmas.

It was done very well, showcasing my life from when I was born to the time we were married.

However, there were pages in the middle that were left blank with a note on each — “To be filled when you know everything.”

That was in reference to when we would have children.

You see, dads know everything … or at least they pretend to.

My father knows random facts that would astound you. My wife often said if I used all the useless knowledge in my head for good, I would have discovered a cure for cancer.

I come by it naturally.

My father-in-law is a whiz — can fix just about anything. And if he can’t, he will still get the machine up and running.

At the time the scrapbook was created, I didn’t know anything.

Twelve years later, I still don’t — and the pages are still blank.

While I don’t know everything, I have learned things along the way about being a dad.

I’ve learned there are times when my daughter just has to be alone — from everybody. She really just puts up with all of us, be it her family or classmates, until she has had enough.

Once that time comes, she goes off by herself.

Most of the time it is to her bedroom.

There, you can find her reading to her stuffed animals, or singing to the radio. It doesn’t matter, she’s by herself, away from everyone.

Sometimes I check in on her to see if she’s OK. Most of the time, I just know it is her way from getting away from it all.

I’ve learned my son is beginning to become smarter than me — and I’m sure my daughter will follow.

The boy is in sixth grade and he brought home his math homework.

While I wasn’t a great student in school, I did OK. And though math was a subject I throughly enjoyed, it also was one in which I didn’t get good grades.

That being said, I was pretty sure I would be able to figure out my son’s homework.

I looked at it.

Thought about it — then I had to look at the back of the book for the answer to make sure I was doing it correctly.

In my defense, he was doing stuff I swear I didn’t learn until I was in high school. Plus, sixth grade was more than 30 years ago.

Still, it is SIXTH GRADE homework.

As I have gotten older, I have learned I‘m not going to know everything —there’s just too much information — but that hasn’t stopped me from trying.

Perhaps the biggest thing I have learned is to give as much time as possible to my children.

I have spent countless hours at events that, honestly, I could give two hoots about. However, it is important to my children, so the least I can do is support them.

The pages in my scrapbook remain empty, but at the same time, the memories I have shared with my children will remain a lifetime.

And maybe, just maybe, those pages will get filled.

Happy Father’s Day to all of you dads.

May you make memories that will last a lifetime.